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  • Agias Filaxeos 181, Limassol 3081, Cyprus
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Change places, not your quality of life.

Our Mission

Moving Doors offers a wide range of high-end and technology-enabled homes that redefine the world of living. Our fully serviced and equipped apartments, combined with flexible booking terms, allow you to keep moving while always feeling at home. With our online services, all requests are easily managed through our in-house technology. Moving Doors also provides convenient and efficient lease management for a wide network of landlords.

Our Founding Story

In early 2022, Demetris Papadopoulos, one of the founders, was moving back to Cyprus. He struggled to find a furnished and equipped apartment, which gave him the initial idea to solve this problem. This led to the founding of Moving Doors in February 2022, to meet the need for convenient living spaces on flexible terms. Recognizing the trend towards an unconventional way of living, with millennials travelling from city to city and working remotely, Moving Doors decided to tackle this need and provide turnkey flexible accommodations in Cyprus. We have always been our own first customers, meaning that we test and use our own products and services before offering them to our clients. This helps us to stay ahead of the curve and innovate in ways that benefit our customers. As the company and team have grown, we have tackled more problems we faced, such as flexible renting terms and customer satisfaction. Today, Moving Doors has evolved beyond just renting out serviced apartments.

  • Region: Limassol
  • Address: Agias Filaxeos 181

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Contact Information
  • Agias Filaxeos 181, Limassol 3081, Cyprus
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