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Financial Questions

Packages start from 99 euros, depending on the number of listings. For more details please refer to our price plan hereA 1-month trial period is currently available.


 No commission is charged. We charge for listing placement.

Initially proposed at 1Euro per day, but this is subject to updates

An email notification is sent 5 days in advance to the primary email in your account

 Refunds are not available, but the account remains active until the end of the paid period.

Listing and Property Management

 A Dashboard provides charts and other interactive data to show visitors, clicks, followers, listings, and much more information. You can find the Dashboard on your Profile -> Dashboard page. Our service provides additional market reports as well. And you can find the market reports on our Insights menu here.

 Ranking depends on the details in listings, listing score, and premium listing options. The more fields filled out, the better the listing score. 

 A premium listing option is available for creation/update actions for your listings 


Properties can be removed manually from the Profile->My Listings page, or automatically via XML files from your CRM

 Change it through your Profile page under Edit profile -> Avatar

 No contract signing is required, but registration implies agreement with Terms & Conditions

Yes. Please go to Profile -> Settings -> Privacy and press the  “Delete my account” button.

Subscription pausing is not available, but users have some options:

  1. Terminate subscription and sign up again when they wish
  2. When user has:
  •  an Individual role/subscription. It means the price plan is FREE. So the user can stay on our site and use our service for unlimited time.
  • a Business role/subscription. It means the user has 2+ listings for Sale/Rent. In this case the user can switch to Individual role/subscription and have just only up to 2 listings for Sale/Rent. In this case the user can stay on our site for unlimited time.

You can do it through the Dashboard menu on your profile page by switching to the next Up or Down plan. Initially the user registers as Individual and has Free price plan. To upload 2+ listings user should switch to Business role on Profile -> Dashboard and pick up the plan that suits requirements the best.


 As a first step you need to update your price plan on your Profile -> Dashboard menu. Next step you can add more listings by pressing the Add Listings button.

Switch roles through the Dashboard by pressing Switch to business/individual.

 As a Business role user can choose Standard, Premium or Unlimited price plan and pressing the “Pick plan” button opens a Stripe payment page where you can enter your card data and pay.

 Switch plans either via the Profile -> Dashboard or on the price plan page.

You can either upload manually using the Add Listing button or we can do it automatically if you  send us the link to your XML file.

We update properties daily through XML feeds

Yes, connection is possible using XML format for feeds from your CRM.

We have 2 options here:

  1. Either use the XML feed example from and prepare your feed based on this example
  2. Or we can apply any format of XML feed that customer provides for us

Technical and Application Support

Yes, the functionality is the same for both.

 Paid customers receive a voice message. For individual role customers, the caller’s origin must be inquired.

Yes, detailed analytics on listing views, received calls, and their sources are provided.

Available anytime from the Profile -> Dashboard, with more detailed data upon request.

Access market trends in Cyprus via the Index Insights menu.

Marketplace Advantages is a Real Estate marketplace in Cyprus that connects potential buyers, renters, and investors directly with agents or developers. We provide listings for various properties, allowing users to contact agents or developers directly through phone numbers provided with each listing. We do not charge users for accessing these listings.


The website is available in three languages: Greek, Russian, and English. You can switch the language on the footer menu on the top of the website.

The latest news and interesting articles from the world of Real Estate in Cyprus can be found in our “Latest News & Articles” section


No, you do not need to contact us at to arrange a viewing. For each property listed on our platform, we provide direct contact details, usually phone numbers, of the respective agents or developers. You should use these details to contact them directly for more information or to arrange property viewings.

No, does not charge any fees from property seekers. You can browse, search, and contact agents or developers for properties listed on our platform without any cost.

Property Search and Listings

You can find the most popular and interesting properties in our “⚡ Trending Requests” and “The Most Interesting Properties” sections, which feature the latest and most sought-after properties.

Yes, you can form Collections by adding your favourite property options. This feature helps you organise and revisit properties you are interested in.

You can view all available property types in Cyprus in the “Real Estate for Sale in Cyprus” section on our website.

You can use a “District” or “Location” filters to choose any region and then save your search result by clicking on “Save Search” button. 

You can manage saved search results on Account -> Saved Search menu.

Saved Search functionality allows users to save any search result that suits their needs.

As soon as the user saves the search result (by clicking on the “Saved Search” button) will send daily updates on the user’s email. So it to be on the ball with new information that is important for the user.


Yes, you can view statistics and analytics about properties in Cyprus in the “Insights” section of our website.

You can select your preferred Real Estate agent or developer from our “Cyprus Property Developers” or “Real Estate Agencies” sections on our Buy or Rent menu.

Yes, you can find and explore specific complexes and projects in the “Explore Complexes and Projects” section on the Commercial menu.


You can list your apartment for rent or sale by registering on our site and choosing the appropriate price plan.

Additional Common Questions

While provides a platform to connect with agents and developers, we recommend discussing investment advice directly with professional real estate agents or financial advisors.

Currently, does not offer direct tools for mortgage or rental calculations. However, you can find useful insights and analytics in our “Insights” section that may assist in your decision-making process. But the mortgage calculation is planning to be delivered soon.


Our property listings are updated daily to ensure that you have access to the latest and most relevant properties available in Cyprus.


If you encounter any issues or have concerns about a listing or agent, please contact us directly through the contact information provided on our website. We are committed to maintaining a trustworthy and reliable platform.

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