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Renter's Guide: Questions to Ask for Your Landlord

  • Lease Agreement: Carefully review the lease agreement, including the rental duration, payment terms, and any specific clauses or restrictions.
  • Rent Amount and Payment Schedule: Clarify the monthly rent amount, the preferred method of payment, and the due date for rent payment.
  • Security Deposit: Understand the amount of the security deposit required, the conditions for its return, and any deductions that may be made.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Determine the responsibilities for maintenance and repairs, including who is responsible for addressing any issues that may arise during the tenancy.
  • Utilities and Services: Inquire about the availability and cost of utilities such as water, electricity, gas, internet, and any additional services provided by the landlord.
  • Furniture and Appliances: If the property is furnished, verify the condition and quality of furniture and appliances (if included). Ask the landlord to prepare and sign an inventory list of all furniture and equipment included in the contract.
  • Pet Policies: If you have pets, inquire about any restrictions, additional fees, or special provisions related to pet ownership in the rental property.
  • Lease Renewal: Understand the procedures for lease renewal, including any potential changes in rent or lease terms.
  • Notice Period and Termination: Clarify the notice period required for terminating the lease and any penalties for early termination.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Reporting: Establish clear communication channels with the landlord or property management for reporting repairs and maintenance issues.
  • Move-in and Move-out Inspections: Request a move-in inspection with the landlord to document the condition of the property and any existing damages.
  • Community Rules and Fees: If the property is part of a complex or community, inquire about the associated rules, fees, and facilities available to tenants.
  • Parking and Storage: Confirm the availability and allocation of parking spaces and storage options for your belongings.
  • Tenant’s Rights and Responsibilities: Familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities outlined in Cypriot rental laws to ensure you are aware of your legal obligations as a tenant.
  • Rental Agreement Amendments: Seek written confirmation for any changes or amendments to the rental agreement.
  • Rental Restrictions (if applicable): If you plan to rent out the property, clarify any restrictions or regulations related to short-term or long-term rentals.
  • Furniture and Appliances: Determine if the property comes furnished, partially furnished, or unfurnished, and confirm the condition and quality of furniture and appliances (if included).
  • Maintenance Responsibilities: Clarify the maintenance responsibilities between the landlord (if applicable) and tenant, including who is responsible for repairs, regular maintenance, and utilities.
  • Access to Amenities: Inquire about the availability of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, parking spaces, and other facilities associated with the property.
  • Communication with Landlord: Maintain open and effective communication with the landlord or property management regarding any concerns or changes in tenancy.
  • Termination and Security Deposit Return: Understand the process for terminating the tenancy and the timeframe for the return of the security deposit.
  • Exit Requirements: Inquire about any specific requirements for cleaning or property maintenance upon vacating the property.

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