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  • 21 Georgiou Neophytou Street
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Welcome to Nicolaou Estates, a distinguished real estate agency co-founded by Mr. Nicos Nicolaou and Mr. Panicos Nicolaou. Mr. Nicos Nicolaou, a prominent figure in the Cyprus business community, stands as a key shareholder and founder of the esteemed D. Nicolaou group of companies and Ajax Hotel in Limassol. His profound expertise in the Cyprus real estate market spans back to 1968, marked by numerous successful investments.

Mr. Panicos Nicolaou, a visionary in his own right, entered the real estate arena in 2005, offering consultancy services for property acquisitions and project developments. His focus on income-producing assets for investors has led to an illustrious career. Armed with degrees in Accounting & Finance and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from esteemed UK universities, he is a licensed regulated real estate agent under the Cyprus Ministry of Interior Affairs.

At Nicolaou Estates, we proudly stand as a leading force in the Cyprus residential and commercial property realm. Operating across local, national, and international markets, we exemplify unparalleled customer service through the dedication and inspiration of our team.

With strategically positioned main offices in Nicosia and Limassol, Nicolaou Estates has solidified its status as a renowned real estate brand both in Cyprus and on the global stage. Boasting a robust team of experienced real estate agents, an in-house Marketing and Advertising Department, a team of Property Evaluators Experts, over 80 collaborators, and an extensive database of available residential and commercial properties, we are poised to fulfill even the most intricate client desires.

Our mission revolves around customer satisfaction, recognizing that each delighted client becomes a loyal advocate of our cause. To ensure a comprehensive array of services, we partner with a trusted network of Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers, Architects, and Property Valuers (RICS), all working collaboratively to safeguard our clients’ interests. Services such as company registration, bank account setup, and essential due diligence are readily facilitated upon request.

Embracing a unique contemporary approach and an unwavering passion for uniting people with property, we aspire to redefine the real estate experience in Cyprus for the modern consumer. Our boundaries extend beyond traditional confines; we continually explore innovative avenues to meet our clients’ diverse needs and stay at the forefront of the dynamic Cyprus property market.

If you seek a company that combines unwavering commitment, fervor, and vigor, blending local expertise with global reach, and a seasoned, trustworthy team that thrives on overcoming challenges, look no further than Nicolaou Estates – your ultimate partner in real estate endeavors.

  • Location:  Limassol
  • Region: Limassol
  • Postal code: 4006
  • Address: 21 Georgiou Neophytou Street
Contact Information
  • 21 Georgiou Neophytou Street
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  • Legal Name Nicolaou Estates LTD
  • Licence Number 365/E
  • Registration Number 693
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